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Constipation during menstruation

You may not notice constipation during your period - what with period pains and feeling uncomfortable anyway - but many women experience changes, such as slow bowel activity and harder stools both during and just before their periods.

I don't know if it's a hormonal thing, I get it with my period.

Constipation during menstruation can also be caused by diet as some women have a less healthy diet at this time, eating more chocolate and cake. So if you can, try to consume more dietary fibre - you will feel better for it.

If you find constipation is interfering with your quality of life during your period, you could try a gentle constipation remedy.

Women of menstruating age will be all too familiar with disruptions
in bowel habit. The symptoms are usually pre-menstrual
constipation followed by watery diarrhoea at the start of a period.
Jill Davies, Professor of Nutrition, South Bank University

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Constipation Advice
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